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◆  Jiangsu Thomson Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.---Lubricating Oil Filling Line•China Famous Brand

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Five reasons to look for the Tom brand

The five reasons why the four major industries of pesticides, chemicals, household chemicals, oils and fats, and petrochemicals generally recognize the Tom brand:

2.png  Tom's goal

3.png  Service profession

4.png  Quality concept

Strive to standardize Chinese small 

packaging enterprises

Provide a provincial, stable and advanced packaging line for small packaging enterprises

Applicable, beautiful, humanized; stable, thick, unmanned

5.png  After-sales concept

6.png  Always promise

Every customer of Tom is a food and food parent of Tom, and the urgency of the customer is Tom's obligation.

Every machine we leave is like our own child going to work in the field, we will always care about it, maintain it


Enterprise Award Selection

The standard and reward method of "loyal employee Award" is evaluated by the company.

The award is a permanent establishment of Centennial Tom brand enterprises, which is issued annually and implemented in 2010.



Employees who join Tom enterprises only need five years will be rated as Tom "loyal employee Award". Every Tom "loyal employee" will receive the year-end "loyal employee Award".

The 5 year's bonus of employee recruitment is 5% of the total annual salary of the previous year. The employee's 6 years' bonus is 6% of the total annual salary of the previous year, and the employee's 7 year's bonus is 7% of the total annual salary of the previous year. The employee's 15 years' bonus is 15% of the total salary in the previous year, and so on.



Tom's Good News

Warmly celebrate the 2018 sales of Jiangsu Tom Group in excess of RMB 460 million.


Warmly celebrate the sales of Jiangsu Tom Group in 2017 exceeded 405 million yuan.

Warmly celebrate the Jiangsu Tom Group's 2016 sales of more than 320 million yuan.

Warmly celebrate the Jiangsu Tom Group's 2015 sales of more than 248 million yuan.

Warmly celebrate the Jiangsu Tom Group's 2014 sales of more than 235 million yuan.

Warmly celebrate the sales of Jiangsu Tom Group in 2013 exceeded RMB 214 million.

The world-famous pesticide brand Syngenta's 22.1 million packaging line extra large orders have been awarded the famous brand of pesticide filling production line---Jiangsu Tom!

Warmly celebrate the Jiangsu Tom Group in 2013 won the Changzhou Longcheng Talent Innovation Fund of 3.5 million yuan.


Tom Classic Quotes

1, Tom packaging, rationalize the idea; fill in the heart, spin away the troubles; lock the target, put a smile; convey hope, cast brilliant.

2. I work hard at Tom and Tom gives me a real life.

3, love the factory as home, factory Xing I Rong, create a brilliant Tom; loyal to the company, loyal to the profession, to create a century of Tom.

4, East and West, you and me, come to Tom this home; each skill to create benefits, year-end competition for glorious flowers.

5, with the Eight Immortals to the east: Purdue sentient beings; with Tang Yan going west: Demon slayer; follow the chairman to the north: build the party to establish the country; follow Xiaoping to the south: enrich the people and strengthen the country; join Tom to go up: become a family.

6, Tom employees work hard, the company's output value has been turned over the years; the year-end red envelopes make a lot of money, employees happy to return home; rest for a year or two, and strive to double again.



Company Culture

Tom's ambition: The company is based on long-term survival, focusing on sustainable development. Everything starts from reality and needs to be a century-old enterprise.

Tom's principle: Tom's machinery and society, employees, and partners develop together

Tom's purpose: to aspire to machinery, revitalize the nation, serve the country

Tom theme: loyalty, diligence, and effectiveness

Tom efficiency: Communicate in time and solve the problem immediately!

Tom Standard: Clean and neat. The rules and regulations are clear and clear.

Quality policy: 100-1=0 smashing brands = breaking rice bowls, relying on quality to survive, relying on brand development and implementing lifelong responsibility for product quality.

The core of Tom's business philosophy: reputation first, keep the promise, thoughtful service, treat customers well, get rich, and keep on seeing

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