Message from the Chairman

As a manufacturer of packaging machinery industry, Jiangsu Tom Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. guides the production standards of packaging machinery and actively promotes the automation of packaging machinery. We are fully aware that a respected enterprise is not only good at legally obtaining benefits in production and business activities, but also able to shoulder the social responsibilities that should be fulfilled. The company's rapid development and good achievements in recent years have come from the wisdom and diligence of all employees, benefiting from the great environment of China's reform and opening up and sustained economic growth, thanks to the love of our domestic and foreign partners and customers. And trust. Repaying customers, rewarding employees, and returning to society with the fruits of development are our responsibilities.

Based in China, Tom Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has a global perspective and its business has spread to 35 countries and regions around the world, directly and indirectly affecting the lives of thousands of people. Excellent performance and perfect after-sales service system have won unanimous praise from the majority of users.

Chairman of Jiangsu Tom Packaging Machine

Our Tom Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. takes "trying to standardize Chinese packaging machinery" as its mission. "Every machine that Tom leaves is like our own children going to work in the field. We will always care about him and maintain it. "He is the service concept, and strives to make Tom's products suitable, beautiful and humanized; stable, thick and unmanned, making due contributions to the packaging industry in China and the world.

Jiangsu Tom sold 460 million yuan in 2018, once again achieving a historic leap-forward breakthrough, among which customers, employees, friends and family encourage and help, spur and support! There is even more sweat from your hard work. Here, on behalf of the Tom team, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you! In the past 2018, when the 2019 year is over, I hope that all Tom customers, suppliers, foreign consultations and all employees and their families will be healthy and happy. In 2019, Tom will again A new era of development.

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