Six Advantages

One hundred technical team, the old,middle-aged and young three combined

7.png Tom Group Technology Center has 7 first generation of packaging technology researchers since China 's reform and opening up, they are old engineers who engaged in agricultural packaging machinery research and development of more than 40 years, is the master of China's packaging machinery research and development.



8.png Tom Group Technology Center has dozens of 10-21 years of young packaging machinery R & D engineers who works in TOM after graduating from college,they are married in Tom, with a strong sense of professionalism and strong sense of responsibility.

9.png Tom Group select the new generation who works 1 to 10 years have the potential talent of packaging machinery design into the enterprise technology center; Tom also special attention to introduce talent of national 985/211 key colleges and universities undergraduate, graduate students, gain national science and technology awards senior to full of work at Tom Technology Center.


Hundreds of loyal employees team

Hundreds of loyal employees team, the development of enterprises rely on people-oriented, Tom has five years - 19 years old employees more than 100 people.


Tom is a real entity factory (not an assembly company)

Tom Group is a true integrity of the entity factory, For stainless steel raw materials are all national top three stainless steel industry association enterprise production, electrical elements are all imported famous brand. We have several advanced large-scale laser cutting machine, large CNC machine tools, machining centers and other total production of 60 million yuan of production equipment (Tom Group 95% of the parts processing by themselves).


Tom's benchmarks are: German Krones and French Serac

while domestic in the same industry benchmark for Tom, domestic in the same industry are 3 to 5 years  behind Tom.

Tom Seiko makes the packaging equipment in full compliance with European and American standards, thick heavy, durable, the use of stable and no vibration. Compared with well-known foreign brands, the same filling effect, and in line with Chinese characteristics, product specifications adjustable,Templates, filling nozzle and other modular fast loading and unloading can be replaced, the price of equipment is about one-sixth of Europe and the United States brand.


Tom is growing fast,Production scale is magnificent

Tom is preparing to appear on the market, Ensure that bell listed 2019-2020 year. Group covers 150 mu, the building area is 120558㎡, with first-line production staff of more than 500 people. We have a world-class science and technology luxury showroom, Tom regularized meeting hall can accommodate more than 500 people.

Tom Group's subsidiary company--- "Jiangsu Thomson Intelligent Co., Ltd." spending huge money to build, famous Changzhou six development zones, government officials and customers highly praised, known as the "Jintan little White House" , "Tom little White House”

Tom Group sales high, 2017 year achieve sales of 405 million yuan. Leaders are very concerned about Jiangsu Tom Group,Premier Wen Jiabao has visited the enterprise inspection. National High-Tech Enterprise. European union CE certification enterprises, winner of the National Innovation Fund enterprises, the World Trade Center member enterprises, with patents for 15 items.   



The first brand of global agrochem packaging industry



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