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Filling line (5000 bottles/hour )
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This production line is suitable for SC ,EC and low and high viscosity materials ration filling and capping .Suitable range :100ml - 1000mlProduction capacity :5000 -8000 bottles /hour

LP-7 horizontal bottle unscramblerOperators only need to change the turntable of the unscramble box in order to change the specification ,other parts can be adjusted.

DGP-Z-20-8 rotary piston filling and capping machineFilling part controlled by PLC and touch screen ,adopt piston to filling

TBJ-630D positioning self-adhesive labeling machine (high accuracy labeling machine )

KXJ-400F automatic carton opening machineoperate comeniently and greatly reduce the cost

ZXJ-BB-2X automatic carton packing machineGreatly reduce the number of operators and labour intensity

FX-02 automatic folding and carton sealing machineWide applied range, small occupied area

Filling line (5000 bottles/hour )

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