Tom Packaging Machinery is a packaging machinery exporter,provides comprehensive services for customers. Constantly improving service ability contributes to the sustainable development of our Filling line manufacturer .TOM company's target: "makes TOM brand packaging machinery replace import brand packaging machinery, let intelligent packaging line gradually realizing nationalization."

Overview Of Jiangsu Tom Filling Line Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. Automatic Bottle Unscrambler/Unscrambling Filling Line Machine/TOM/LPL-7A
Robot Unscrambler/Intelligent Unscrambling Filling Line Machine/TOM/LPZ-2A Automatic Linear Piston Filling Line Machine/Piston Filler/TOM/DGP-Z-X
Automatic Weighing Filling Line Machine/TOM/GZS-LA Automatic Following/Tracking Capping Filling Line Machine /TOM/FGX-1A/2500BPH
Automatic Following/Tracking Capping Filling Line Machine/TOM/FGX-2A/ 5000BPH High Automation Intelligent Liquid Soap Filling Line Production Line/TOM/7000BPH
High Automation/High Speed Bottle Filling Line Production Line/TOM/10000BPH Automatic Sachet Packaging Filling Line Machine/TOM/DJZ-180/240
High-speed flat earband mask production line
KN95 mask full automatic production line
High-speed flat earband mask production line
High-speed flat earband mask production line

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