• Intelligent bean paste filling machine

Intelligent bean paste filling machine

Major Characteristics:

This machine is a new generation of packaging equipment, specially designed for the bean paste, chili sauce, sweet sauce, mushroom sauce, tomato sauce, soy sauce packaging, Using microcomputer PLC automatic control, man-machine interface, fully enclosed, dive filling. High precision measurement, widely filling range, compact structure, smooth operation. Suitable for various of standard shape containers. Machine’s piston cylinder and pipe disassembly and cleaning is very convenient and quick.

All material contact parts are are made of SUS304 / 316 stainless steel, the machine is beautiful and generous. Meet the GMP standard.

Using servo control, piston filling form. PLC and man - machine control interface. With four sets of dose adjustment memory data, the replacement dose is more convenient.

Conveyor movement:

This machine consists of three rows transporting, 1. the bottle enters into screw feeder to separating, 2. the air cylinder push the separated bottle into middle station for filling, 3. The filled bottle pushed out to third conveyor, then transported out to complete the filling process.

Technical parameter

Overall size: L: 2000mm * W: 1000mm * H: 2400mm

Filling head: 6

Capacity: 5000 bottles/hour for 1000g

Filling error:±0.5%

Power supply: 380v 50/60HZ

Main power: 5.5KW

Air source: 0.55MPa~0.65MPa stable and clean compressed air


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