• Intelligent carton packing machine
  • Intelligent carton packing machine
  • Intelligent carton packing machine

Major characteristics:

The machine consists of electrical control system ,conveyor , photoelectric device ,,bottle turning device , bottle pushing device ,buffering device , translation device , the box device ,lifting device and transmission mechanism .

Electric control part consists of PLC and VVVF. If has strong control ability and high integration level . The application of touch screen technology makes it reliable and convenient for operation . Besides , touch screen makes it even more friendly in HMI . We adopt advanced sensing elements in photoelectric sensor and encoder that displays the perfect mechatronics .

Main performance parameter

1.carton size :(customized according to samples )

2.Power source :380V ;50HZ

3.Power :6KW

4.Air source :0.6MPa clean and stable compressed air

5.Production capacity :≤ 6 box/min

6.Air source of grippers ≤ 0.2MPa

7.Machine size :2100mm*1600mm*3000mm




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