• Intelligent pump cap capping machine

Intelligent pump cap capping machine

Patent No:1.201320161749.5 2.201220620793.3

This machine integrate bottle inlet,cap sorting,cap supplying,cap capping and bottle outlet together,with automatic pump cap

sorting device,can adjust pump cap at the same direction when capping.Electric elements use international famous brand,which

ensur the machine’s quality and its service lifetime, reasonable structure,superior performance,low voice,friendly environmental.

The surface of this machine has been polished with good looking.lt can be well mathed with production line,It is ideal equipment

for large and medium factories.

Main features:

1. Automatic cap placing,capping function.

2. The reliable mechanical stem guide system ensures that pump caps are

oriented gently and accurately to ensure proper placement.

3. Precise torque control.

4. Lightweight containers will not be scuffed and deformed.

5. Widely used for various pump caps.

6. Applicable for glass,metal,plastic and fiberboard containers.

7. Easy,quick changeovers

Main technical parameter



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