• Intelligent weighing style filling machine
  • Intelligent weighing style filling machine
  • Intelligent weighing style filling machine

Intelligent weighing style filling machine

Major characteristics

1. With high productivity and automation , the rotary piston machine is the latest generation of quantitative filling machine . The piston cylinder is totally controlled by a micro computer . The whole filling process combines mechanism ,electricity , photics and pneumatic together . It also reaches internationally advanced technology of the same kind .

2. Thanks to the integration of mechanics and electrics , filling specifications of whole 20 heads can easily be changed by altering parameter on touch panel . Filling volume of each filling head can also be adjusted respectively . The computer has the function of memorizing the related parameters of each packing specification , so that it can save time for the second adjustment .

3.This machine adopts PLC, touch screen control panel, weighing instrument to adjust and control; Filling head adopts double speed filling, there’s no dripping during filling; the filling hopper’s liquid level is controlled by PLC through floating ball, can feeding material automatically; the filling hopper is designed by pressure type, to increase the filling speed; adopts screw type feeding bottle, greatly shortened the time of bottle push in and out.

4. During the process ,the key parts are protected by integration of mechanics and electrics . If there is anything abnormal ,it will automatically stop and alarm , then the touch screen will hint the abnormal part .

5. Based on the design of water-proof and pneumatic protected ,so there is no pollution .

Technical parameters

1. Dimension (L * W * H): 5220mm*2000mm*3580mm

2. Suitable bucket: length:10-30L

3. Power supply: 380V; 50Hz

4. Main power: 3.5KW

5. Filling range: 10-30L

6. Production capacity: ≤1200 barrels/hour

7. Air soure: 0.6Mpa clean and stable compressed air

8. No. Of Filling head: 8

9. Filling error: ≤±0.5%

10. Temperature: 5~35℃

11. Relative humidity: ≤85%

12. Work environment: Strong electromagnetic field source should be isolated (It is strictly prohibited for potentially explosive environment), The actual working environment should be according to the characteristics of packaging materials

13. The machine running noise: ≤75dB

14. Machine running vibration: No dangerous vibration




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