Domestic in the same industry are 3 to 5 years behind Tom.


Jiangsu Tom Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., is located in No. 26 Fengxi Road, Wujin Hi-Tech District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China. Tom's factory covers an area of 150 mu including building area of 120558㎡, has 710 employees, including 2 doctors, 28 masters, 286 Bachelor degree or above...

     Jiangsu Tom Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Tom Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Tom Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

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    • Technical Team

      one hundred technical team, the old,middle-aged and young three combined.

    • Employees Team

      Hundreds of loyal employees team, the development of enterprises rely on people-oriented, Tom has five years - 19 years old employees more than 100 people.

    • Entity Factory

      Tom is a real entity factory (not an assembly company)

    • Tom's benchmarks

      Tom's benchmarks are: German Krones and French Serac, while domestic in the same industry benchmark for Tom, domestic in the same industry are 3 to 5 years behind Tom.

    • Growing Fast

      Tom is growing fast,Production scale is magnificent, Tom is preparing to appear on the market, Ensure that bell listed 2020-2022 year.

    • Technical Team

      The first brand of global agrochem packaging industry. China's agrochemical industry top 100 companies, 96 of them are Tom's loyal customers,Tom brand in the market share of the industry ranked first, up to 67%.

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