• Intelligent vacuum capping machine

Intelligent vacuum capping machine

Major characteristics:

1. This machine is the latest generation of iron capping machine with high degree of automation and strong production capacity. It is suitable for vacuum capping of iron cans, food, cosmetics, medicine and other products. It is also suitable for non-vacuum caps. The machine is compact in structure, stable in operation, low in noise, simple in operation, easy to adjust, and easy to clean. It is an ideal capping machine.

2, the machine can meet the different speed requirements of customers, the screw cap grabs the vacuum chamber, the torque is adjustable.

3, the mold adopts convenient and quick replacement installation method, no need to use tools, as long as the hand can be replaced, the host has an automatic nitrogen flushing device, which can meet the packaging requirements of the user's special materials; all the filling nitrogen process is completed at the infusion station, rushing The nitrogen gas nozzle is concentric with the center of the bottle; due to the different height of the bottle, the adjustment is convenient and quick, and the digital display device is installed, and the data is intuitive.

Main performance parameter:

1. Applicable cover: metal cover, quick-turn cover

Cover diameter: (30-85) mm Bottle diameter: (30-85) mm

Bottle height: (65-260) mm

2.production capacity: 5000 bottles / hour

3.the vacuum inside the bottle reaches: 66cmHg

4.Dimensions: 2000mm (L) × 1100mm (W) × 2000mm (H)

5. net weight: about 1100KG

6.the host power: 4.5KW


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