• DGP-CZ-300R  weighing style filling machine for barrels

DGP-CZ-300R weighing style filling machine for barrels

It is suitable for Waterproof coating filling. It can finish a series of operations automatically, including entering barrels, filling. It is characterized by its stability, conwenienle of operation and high production capacity. It is the ideal equipment for medium and large enterprises of petrochemical.

This machine is designed for liquid barrel packaging of 100-300kg . The host machine adopts stainless steel frame and tempered glass door . It is completely sealed during the process of filling and packing . The air outlet on the top can control the distribution of smell . The whole line can finish a series of operations automatically ,such as barrel inlet ,barrel recognition, adjustment calibration , submersible filling and so on . After the filling , an operator must put a cap on the barrel manually. Then the Pneumatic Screw LIDS will tighten the cap automatically . This machine is controlled by PLC and touch screen . It is characterized by convenient operation ,high efficiency and wide range of application . Electric control part consists of PLC and VVVF . It has strong control ability and high automation degree . It utilizes special devices which ensure “ no barrel ,no filling “ and “ no filling without fine calibration “. As a result ,there is no waste of material and pollution that displays the perfect mechatronics .

1、Host dimension ( length *width*height) :2000mm*2300mm*3000mm

2、Container into the mouth diameter : ≥ 50mm(can be customized according to the barrel mouth)

3、Vessel diameter :Φ500mm - Φ700mm (special bucket can be customized)

4、Filling accuracy :≤ +-0.1%

5、Filling machine power : 2.5KW

6、Air source : 0.5 MPa clean stable air supply

7、Weight :1600kg

8、The electric source : 50 hz AC 380V there-phase wireless system

9、Filling numbers :2

10、Production capacity : ≥ 70 barrels per hour

11、Working environment temperature :-10℃ -- 50℃

12、Working environment relative humidity :< 95%(without condensate )

13、Material interface : standard flange ,material inlet pressure is less than 0.3MPa


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