• DGP-CZ-8Z Fully automatic weighing filling machine (automatic mouth finding)
  • DGP-CZ-8Z Fully automatic weighing filling machine (automatic mouth finding)

DGP-CZ-8Z Fully automatic weighing filling machine (automatic mouth finding)

Major characteristics

1. This filler need people put bottle on conveyor manually, then transport to filling station, through photoelectric detecting, bottle clamping and positioning, quantitative filling, bottle outlet and some other functions to complete the whole filling process, this filler is our engineer designed a new generation automatic liquid weight filler which combined with the user comments and further technical reformation.

2. This machine uses the principle of gravity weighing to control filling volume. When filling, the load signal given by the load sensor, through the programmable controller PLC control filling valve work; simple structure, easy to clean, all joints are used quick connector, easy to disassemble.

3. the filling process consists of fast filling and slow filling, at the beginning of filling, the fast filling valve and slow filling valve both open to achieve fast filling, when the filling volume reach to the set value, the fast filling valve will be closed to achieve slow filling, to guarantee the filling accuracy, when the filling value reach to the target value, the slow filling valve will close automatically.

4. The filling system have a special designed leakage blocking device, to avoid liquid drip after filling.

5. Round bottle positioning motor, when bottle in place, it will clamped by cylinder, then rotate, through photoelectricity to detect the bottle mouth, after detected bottle mouth, the bottle will stop rotate automatically.

Technical parameters:

1. Dimension (L * W * H): 3240mm×1900mm×2300mm

2. Container mouth diameter: ≥Φ38mm

3. Container size: length 160mm-340mm; width:140mm-260mm; height: 250mm-500mm

4. Power supply: 220V; 50Hz

5. Main power: 6.5KW

6. Filling range: 10-30KG

7. Filling accuracy: ±1%

8. Air source: 0.6Mpa clean and stable compressed air

9. No. of filling head: 810. Production capacity: 400 barrels/hour (for 18kg water)



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