• LP-8 fully automatic bottle unscrambler

LP-8 fully automatic bottle unscrambler

Major characteristics

This machine is new designed bottle sorting machine which specially aimed at lubricant industry, consists of bottle sorting part and bottle steering part, it is the most advanced equipment among of bottle sorting machines. It adopts PLC Control system, perfectly integrates all the transmission mechanism. Through modify the parameter data in touch screen can meet different speed requirements.In crease or decrease the number of turnplate belt in sorting bowl can suitable different bottle specifications, other components can be adjusted freely, the machine produced according to GMP standards, the material contact parts are mostly made of high quality stainless steel 304 and billet aluminum. The machine has elegant appearance, high working efficiency, be able to work in different environments.

Main performance parameter :

1.production capacity : About 4000bph for 2L bottle(the speed is different according to different bottle shape)

2.Diameter of the bottle : Can customized accordingly

3. Power supply : AC 380V ,50HZ

4. Main power : 4.5kw

5.External dimension (L*W*H) :4050mmx2400mmx1750mm(not include steering device) ; 6100mmx2400mmx1750mm(including steering device)

6. Weight : about 1000kg

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