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ST-1500 Bucket Feeding Machine
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Major characteristics

ST-1200 Bucket Feeding Machine is suitable for various kinds of plastic flat bucket, square bucket, etc. It is stable and easy to connect with automatic filling line, so that it can save labor and improve efficiency.

1-4L oil bucket can be loaded on the platform totally and pushed into the belt manually by a push rod. It can arrange the bucket orderly and do not harm the bucket. The electric device is controlled by PLC, photoelectric sensor and variable-frequency governor. It is characterized by its high integration level, strong control ability and stable operation. It can be connected with other packing machines.

Main performance parameter :

1.Machine dimension (L*W*H ):2000MM*1200MM*1000MM

2.Weight :300kg

3.Suitable diameter of bottles :1~4L

4.Power supply :AC220V ;50HZ

5.Power :1.5KW

6.Production capacity :3000 bottles /hour



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