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RS-1C hot water shrink machine
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main feature:

This machine is developed by our company mainly for the heat shrinkage of labels, bottle mouth sets and packaging films. It uses hot water as a heat source, the temperature is constant and easy to control, and the shrink film is uniform. And the whole machine is environmentally friendly and sanitary. The machine can be used when the power is turned on. The machine allows the parts to be adjusted and changed without being adjusted within the specification range, which improves the production efficiency. It is the ideal auxiliary equipment for large, medium and small production workshops.

The main technical parameters:

1. Adapt to bottle specifications: diameter: Φ30mm-Φ80mm, height: 80mm-250mm

2, power supply: 380V; 50HZ

3, the whole machine power: 25KW

4, production capacity: 0-22 m / min

5, external dimensions (length * width * height): 2000mm * 1200mm * 1600mm

6, weight: about 300kg


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