• DGP-CZ-8Z Automatic weighing type filling machine (Suitable for Square barrel)

DGP-CZ-8Z Automatic weighing type filling machine (Suitable for Square barrel)

Major characteristics

1.This machine is suitable for liquid filling between10kg and 50kg. It is characterized by large productivity, high automation,weighing filling and high precision。

2.This machine is controlled by computer (PLC) and touch screen control panel,filling specifications of whole 10 heads can easily be changed by altering parameter on touch panel . Filling volume of each filling head can also be adjusted respectively .

3.The filling process consists of fast filling and slow filling, at the beginning of filling, the fast filling valve and slow filling valve both open to achieve fast filling, when the filling volume reach to the set value, the fast filling valve will be closed to achieve slow filling, to guarantee the filling accuracy, when the filling value reach to the target value, the slow filling valve will close automatically.the filling hopper is designed by pressure type, to increase the filling speed; adopts screw type feeding bottle, greatly shortened the time of bottle push in and out.

4.Adopt three-row filling mode, with front row as bottle inlet, middle row as filling by weighing ,and rear row as bottle outlet, greatly shortening the time of filling process .

Technical parameters:

1. Dimension (L * W * H): 5200mm×2000mm×2800mm

2. Container mouth diameter: ≥Φ38mm

3. Container size: length 160mm-340mm; width:140mm-260mm; height: 250mm-500mm

4. Power supply: 220V; 50Hz

5. Main power: 5KW

6. Filling range: 10-50KG

7. Filling accuracy: ±1%

8. Air source: 0.6Mpa clean and stable compressed air

9. No. of filling head: 1010. Production capacity: 1000 barrels/hour (for 18kg water)



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