• DGP-CZ Automatic weighing style filling machine (10-30kg)
  • DGP-CZ Automatic weighing style filling machine (10-30kg)

DGP-CZ Automatic weighing style filling machine (10-30kg)

Major characteristics

1.This type machine is used for 10kg -30 kg liquid filling . It can finish a series of operations automatically , such as bottle inlet ,weight filling ,bottle outlet . especially for SL and edible oil lubrication .

2. Each filling head has the weighing and feedback system . Each filling head can be regulated and micro adjnsted.

3. Photoelectric sensor , approximate switch and other electric elements are the international famous brand . No container no filling . The main host can trigger the alarm if there is any container blocked or lacked.

4. Submerged filling makes it possible to reduce form . It is suitable for various kinds of filling products .

5. The whole machine reaches GMP standard . It is easy to disassemble to clean and maintain ,and the parts which contact with the filling makeridls are made of high quality stainless steel . The whole machine is safe ,environmental and sanitary ,It can adapts to various kinds of working conditions .

Technical Parameters of DGP-CZ Semi-automatic Weight Filling Machine

Main performance parameter:

1.Outline dimension(L*W*H):2500mm*1700mm*2300mm

2.Number of filling head:6

3.Suitable bottle: lengh:160mm-360mm width:140mm-260mm


4.Diameter of bottle mouth:≥φ40mm

5.Suitable range:10L-50L

6.Production capacity:≤600bottle/hour(test by water)

7.Filling error:≤±0.2%F.S

8.Voltage :220v;50hz

9.Power of host machine:3kw

10.Pneumatic (air-operated)source:0.5Mpa-0.65Mpa clean and stably compressed air



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